A new initiative of Exind corporation a pioneer in ethnic handwoven home textiles is Kalpa Kshema, a organic store offering certified organic food products and textiles.

Exind in 1993-94 had set up Kalpadruma a retail store in Chennai showcasing the best Indian ethnic home textiles, handicrafts and garments. Kalpa Druma also retails specilised Home furnishings in cotton, silk and polyster blends at its home furnishings centre in Chennai.

Finest Hand-Woven Fabrics

Exind corporation specialises in hand Woven Fabrics created with care and an innate understanding of customers worldwide. Exind corporation spealises in hand woven home furnishings and made ups.

Sourcing hand woven textiles could never be more convenient and easier than this. Let us tell you how.

* 25 years of dependable relationship with the best weavers and craftsmen.

* a highly experienced and skilled sourcing and design team.

*40,000 square feet of space dedicated to design, quality control, documentation, warehousing and packaging of handwovens and handicrafts.

We have been in the business of sourcing and manufacturing hand woven fabrics from as early as 1977. Our inborn understanding of fabrics, ensures that only the finest textiles are supplied to our buyers spanning well known worldwide retail outlets and importers.